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Tailored Angler (TA)

A calling from inception to bring about a smarter, affordable, forward thinking Angling Attire with no compromise on Quality, Shapes and Sizes. ‘Fine Dangling Clobber’ for all verticals of Angling from Carp and Match to Fly and Sea’ or just smart fashionable high end casual wear for all genders and children.

TA’s primary focus is to bridge the gap between creative/cutting edge design and affordability, smart casual ‘proud to wear’ and angling practicality. You’ll find the TA brand and products refreshingly inventive whilst fashion trending.

TA’s focus on self-conscience clothing, opens a whole new world for the non–regular sized angler.  With a changing LIFESTYLE, comes a refreshing stance to fill the void. It’s ok to be BIG and Brash in today’s world, so no more having to accept ‘tent-like’ clothing, or feeling like you have hit a wall when your size is not available. No more frustrating ‘take-homes’ only to find they do not fit your bespoke size. 

If our ‘small to 4XL size range does not suit your shape and size requirement, then let us Tailor to your exacting preference. Our bespoke ‘Tailored’ service incurs additional time and costs to accommodate, however relish in the fact that the waiting will be worth it!


Tailored Angler Ltd was formed and registered within the UK in 2020 and launched in Spring 2021. A UK company born, bred and based to serve the deserving smart and fashionable ‘Tailored Angler’ of today.

All garment designs, alongside pattern forming and cutting is undertaken within the UK prior to both Home and Oversea outsourcing production including UK, Europe and India.

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